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Investment Suitability

Pre-trade investment suitability checks are essential to determine whether a product meets investment objectives, risk requirements, as well as the specific knowledge and experience of a client. A structured approach will help in achieving regulatory compliance while maximising efficiency.

RM Workplace / Advisory 3.0

For relationship managers, a simple collection of applications is no longer sufficient. Instead, they now work on a one-stop-workbench with integrated trading, payments, KCY and CRM in one interface providing a 360 degree view of clients which enables them to provide personalised solutions and advice.

Smart Content Management

Smart content management can help wealth management firms to unlock their full potential by empowering advisors with advanced analytics and data-driven insights. With personalised communication, enhanced efficiency, and better compliance, advisors can deliver a better client experience that drives better business outcomes.

Sales Force Excellence

Increasing competitive pressure and declining profitability are forcing financial companies to critically question the efficiency and effectiveness of their sales force.


In order to offer clients a comprehensive view of their historical, current, and projected financial standing, client reporting necessitates a seamless integration of multiple real time data sources.

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