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Integrated Claims and Benefits Management

For insured persons, claims and benefits management is the “moment of truth”. For insurance companies, it is therefore not only the central lever for reducing costs, but also for increasing customer satisfaction. However, to take advantage of these opportunities, operational improvements are needed.

IT as an Enabler

Whether selective or extensive adjustments to the IT application landscape: our profound business understanding and many years of project experience, from initiation to post-go-live activities, help insurance companies to successfully master the transformation phase and achieve sustainable business improvements.

Increase Portfolio Profitability

Even the most sophisticated risk-adjusted pricing model is of no use if the extensive use of individual discounts weakens the calculated price or if existing contracts are not constantly renewed.

New Business Models

Breaking up the value chain, building and participating in ecosystems, digitising the customer relationship and analytics for product development and pricing are among the strategic goals of insurance companies. We help our clients to shape and implement these ideas.

Optimisation of Sickness Benefits and Accident Insurance

Sickness benefits and accident insurance are a side topic for most private and health insurers, because of the relatively low margins compared to other lines of business. However, as a supplementary corporate client product, which is characterised by a high premium volume, it also offers opportunities. Sufficient attention must be paid to the specifics of this line of business.

Practical KPI and Reporting Solutions

In a dynamic market environment, steering the business via KPIs and tracking them with underlying reporting systems (MIS) is critical for insurance companies to achieve desired results. We support our customers on this journey from conception to implementation of use cases.

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