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Advisory process

RM Workplace / Advisory 3.0

For relationship managers, a simple collection of applications is no longer sufficient. Instead, they now work on a One-Stop Workplace providing a 360 degree view of their clients. Workplace features include:

  1. Client Profiling & Lifecycle: The whole client lifecycle in one view: From prospecting and onboarding of new clients, over managing client static data (client lifecycle management), to detailed investor profiling (e.g. financial situation insights, investment goals, risk ability & tolerance, etc.)
  2. Monitoring & Opportunities: Client book management, portfolio monitoring, tailored investment campaigns, switch recommendations.
  3. Investment Management & Advisory: Conduct payments, initiate individual or standardized investment proposals, create new products or access the product shelf, execute transactions.
  4. Suitability & Risk Management: Overview on pre- and post-trade suitability checks, visualization of the “portfolio health” (e.g. monitoring checks and breaches, portfolio risk, issuer concentrations, deviations of asset / FX/ sector allocations).
  5. Reporting & Analytics: Robust and flexible reporting, analytics to track key performance indicators (KPIs), analysis of client behaviour, and proposal for next actions and products.

Client benefits

  • RMs becoming digitally enabled trusted advisors through digitisation & automation.
  • Focus shifted from non-value adding activities to value creation and client interaction.
  • Data-driven decisions for improved performance and service to clients.
  • Reduced risk exposures.
  • Increased transparency and trust.

finalix contribution

  • Facilitation of defining vision and strategy.
  • Definition of business model.
  • Creation of value proposition in collaboration with relevant stakeholders.
  • End-to-end project guidance and change management support.
  • Product roadmap design, gap analysis, user story creation, and UAT coordination.
  • Rollout, training, and communication support.

Our experts

Lisa Asbrede 1
Christian Ullrich 1
Senior Manager

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