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Client-centric Sustainability Strategy

As sustainability gains prominence in mainstream conversations, financial institutions face the challenge of managing risks and opportunities with a clear strategy and suitable products while adhering to regulations.

With a deep understanding of the sustainability landscape, we help clients gain a competitive advantage and enhance stakeholder engagement by integrating ESG frameworks into advisory and portfolio management processes. Further, to navigate the nuanced sustainability landscape responsibly and avoid greenwashing risks, we support financial institutions through trainings that equip their Relationship Managers and Investment Specialists with the required technical ESG knowledge and soft skills.

Client benefits

  • A roadmap and toolkit with tangible steps towards a client-centric Sustainability strategy with holistic processes that includes managing sustainable finance products while meeting regulatory compliance needs,  enhancing client experience and satisfaction.
  • Significant reduction of complexity through introduction of ESG preferences that match client’s real ESG needs. ESG product classification easy to understand for both clients and client advisors.
  • Increased interest of RMs and Investment Specialists in sustainability and recognition of potential in investment advisory and management through diverse training activities.
  • An experiential learning ecosystem, fostering group learning, peer support, and active discussions on sustainability in investment advisory.

finalix contribution

  • Our leadership and expertise on the intersection of sustainability and investment management allow us to provide financial institutions an in-depth understanding of the sustainability landscape, their client’s ESG needs, strategic options and an efficient training framework that includes gamified trainings for their relationship managers
  • Our experience across the financial industry provides insights on the challenges and solutions associated with regulatory compliance, while ensuring a client-centric ESG offering, helping our clients to navigate an otherwise complicated landscape
  • Network of Sustainable Finance SMEs in Switzerland and Singapore

Our experts

Marcus Fenchel 1
Senior Manager
Sheriel Chia 1
Senior Consultant

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