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External Asset Managers Family Offices

External Asset Managers / Family Offices

The External Asset Managers (EAM) and Family Offices (FO) are important segments of the Independent Wealth Management industry, with Switzerland managing a significant part of the overall Asset under Custody (AuM) in Europe. Concurrently, these segments are also growing rapidly in Asia, driven by economic prosperity and rising number of high-net-worth individuals. 

For banks, it is attractive to increase Assets under Custody (AuC) from EAM / FO not only due to custody services fees but mainly due to additional revenues from related trading services and investment product sales. Of course, an adequate pricing strategy, good relationship management, a value-add products & advice services offering are important factors in the competition. But over the last years, especially a sophisticated digital offering became a crucial factor in the business with EAM / FO. Once their asset management tools and workflows can seamlessly be integrated with custody and trading services, efficient straight-through and high-quality processing becomes possible – on EAM / FO and also the bank side.  

Client benefits  

  • Capture the growing client base: Tap on the growing opportunities to increase market share with sophisticated digital offerings that provide competitive edge and enable your organisation to be more attractive to EAMs and FOs ​  
  • Increase revenues: Enable higher transaction volumes executed with Straight-Through- Processing (STP) from end to end by implementing leading platforms and APIs for your clients  
  • Reduce burden on RMs: Direct trade input by EAM and FO via STP free up time for RMs to focus on growth activities and advice services over time   
  • Innovate and Automate: Improve operational efficiency and reduce operational losses through automation and innovative digital solutions   

finalix Contribution  

Finalix can help your digitalisation journey to grow your role as custodian banks to attract EAMs and FOs by defining respective business concepts, designing Target Operating Models, and supporting such implementations which enhance your digital offerings in areas such as:  

  • Integration of Standard APIs and related activation & consent management workflow to enable straight-through-processing of transaction and position feeds, trading services, exchange of CRM and KYC information 
  • Integration of vendor technological products to provide portfolio management & consolidation services  
  • Incorporate research & investment information through smart content management   
  • Onboarding through digital channels, while complying with regulations  


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