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Replacement core system KTG / UVG

IT as an Enabler

Whether selective or extensive adjustments to the IT application landscape, our profound business understanding and many years of project experience, from initiation to post-go-live activities, help insurance companies to successfully master the transformation phase and achieve sustainable business improvements.

Replacing a contract administration or claims management system is a huge business and IT challenge for insurance companies. From our point of view, it is crucial to ensure that business needs are met in the area of product model/rating, offer/application/policy issuing and compensation process, claims notification and processing, accounting with sub-ledger/general ledger, documents, workflow, reporting, customer information/CRM and data migration.

Knowing the big picture, we can also provide focused support for selective improvements to achieve the optimal business benefit.

Client benefits

  • Identifying potential benefits for the business in the context of changes to the IT application landscape
  • Professionally structured support from concept to implementation and beyond
  • Ensuring successful communication and collaboration between different business and IT departments

finalix contribution

  • Management of topics across divisions from planning to post go-live phase, including coordination, design, pricing model verification, testing of offer and contract documents and the development of technical reporting
  • Ensuring a smooth transition phase on the business side
  • Overall coordination after go-live, including the decommissioning of legacy systems

Our experts

Marcus Steger 1
Christian Maeder 1
Senior Manager

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