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New Business Models

Breaking up the value chain, ecosystems, outsourcing via TPAs, offshoring/nearshoring, target operating models and digitalisation of the customer relationship are frequently heard topics for further development in the Swiss insurance industry. The (international) cooperation with FinTechs, distribution partners, and new service providers lead to an increased demand for governance, due diligence/audit, communication, and coordination. While navigating through these new challenges and opportunities, proper business analysis and technical/procedural implementation must not be neglected.

Client benefits

  • The efficient design of new models and facilitation of the model development process
  • Continuous and comprehensive support from conception till implementation
  • Identifying and managing regulatory requirements

finalix contribution

  • Assessment of processes and the IT landscape of the international P&C business of an insurance company to improve compliance
  • Development of a partner supervision concept (governance framework incl. initial due diligence and periodic monitoring)
  • Establishment of a joint venture with a distribution partner
  • Redesign the process and IT landscape for an insurer’s international partner business (“embedded insurance”)

Our experts

Marcus Steger 1
Dominic Keller 1
Senior Manager

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