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Regulatory issues

Other Regulatory Issues

The constantly tightening regulatory requirements affect all areas of a financial institution. Violations of regulatory requirements such as the automatic exchange of information, updated anti-money laundering regulations, EMIR/FinfraG, MiFID II or FIDLEG and FINIG represent a major reputational risk. The next wave of regulations is already on the horizon and will affect the area of sustainable finance. A professional analysis and structured support of regulatory changes form the basis for the successful implementation of these projects.

Client benefits

  • Timely implementation of changes resulting from new regulatory requirements
  • Development of customized solutions throughout the regulatory cycle
  • Detailed analysis of the new regulatory impacts on existing IT systems and business processes

finalix contribution

  • Translation of regulatory directives into business requirements.
  • Gap analysis (status quo vs. new business requirements) for identifying the need for change.
  • Impact analysis of the changes on the business processes and deduction of subsequent IT changes.
  • Implementation of adapted business processes and managing IT implementation.
  • Overall, finalix combines experience in the automation and digitalisation of business process in various domains with detailed regulatory expertise.

Our experts

Daniel Severa 1
Christian Ullrich 1
Senior Manager

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