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Risk Management

Risk Management

Risk management at banks is one of the most important disciplines. Due to extensive regulation (e.g. Basel III), banks have been subject to many requirements. Some of these have an influence on the refinancing costs of financial institutions and must therefore be taken into account in strategic product and pricing design. Further significant changes in regulatory procedures are on the horizon in the next years. We can help to better understand and adapt risk indicators and calculation models. Our risk management projects focus in particular on the areas of process optimisation, risk controlling / risk reporting with the associated Data quality assurance and methodological standardizationas well as project management.

Client benefit

  • Optimisation of processes in the Risk Management department
  • Data quality assurance and methodological standardization
  • Reduction of costs related to risks and creation of more transparency about high risks

finalix contribution

Assistance of projects at the interface between Business and IT in the areas of:

  • Operational risk
  • Market risk
  • Credit risk
  • Liquidity risk
  • Risk reporting

Our experts

Andreas Imhof 1
Senior Manager