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Target Operating Model

Target Operating Model

A Target Operating Model (TOM) describes the future way an organisation will operate its business. Its content is decisively determined by its purpose and scope. Our experience shows that it pays off to focus on the intended use to enable efficient and effective implementation of the TOM.

Client benefits

  • Analysis and design of organisation and business processes
  • Requirements development, agile product owner, business specifications and functional design
  • Data migration and switch-over management

finalix contribution

  • Definition, development and management of the Target Operating Model (TOM) of a major bank for the restructuring of its Asia platform
  • Definition and change in pace of the project organisation of a major bank along the TOM structure
  • Development of a TOM for a family business to derive the requirements for new investment management software

Our experts

HP Schmidt 1
Managing Partner
Fabian Gafner 1

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