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Business support insurance core system implementation

Although insurers have been relying on harmonized processes and standard software for contract management and claims management for some time, the transformation is not yet complete for many of them. finalix supports insurance companies in the rollout and customisation of standard software, taking into account our clients’ individual business requirements.

For years, the insurance industry has been undergoing a change towards industrialisation and digitalisation. While individual solutions with the aim of differentiation are usually used for consultancy and sales processes, standard solutions are often used for back-office processes (policy administration, claims processing). However, standard solutions do not absolve business and technology experts from having to deal intensively with the company-specific use of these solutions:

  • What is to be standardised? where are individual solutions and extensions permitted at what cost?
  • Which data should be migrated?
  • How is the personalized end-to-end customer experience ensured?
  • What does the product model, being a basis for offer, sales and claims processing, look like?
  • How are third-party systems integrated (e.g. CRM)?

A large all-branch insurer has decided to rely on Syrius from adcubum to replace its current core systems in the non-life area. finalix supports with its expertise the answering of the above questions in the lines of business that are to be replaced first.

Our contribution

  • Specialist expertise and experience from day-to-day business
  • Cross-departmental coordination of the technical transition processes
  • Validation of the tariff model
  • Coordination of manual migrations of special products
  • Coordination of the technical reporting from portfolio lists, loss reports, financial reporting to profitability reports

Contact for further questions:

Marcus Steger 1

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