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Digital investment management mandate for a Swiss private bank

Margins in private banking, especially among affluent customers are under pressure. New competitors are entering the market with semi- or fully digitized investment solutions. In addition to that, customers are demanding tailor-made solutions. All this in an environment that is becoming even more regulated. In order to deal with these challenges, the private bank has set itself the goal of enhancing its offering with a fully digitalised investment management mandate.

The topic “Robo Advisor” is in widespread use. Companies, mostly start-ups in the Fintech sector, are trying to turn the financial services market upside down with a cool client experience, a simple algorithm and passively managed ETFs.

As a well-established Swiss private bank with a long tradition, it is necessary to face this new competition in order to retain its customers in the medium to long run. At the same time, the constantly increasing regulatory requirements must be mastered and the current core-business should not be cannibalized.

The aim of the project was to design and launch an app-based digital investment management mandate. The client delegates the investment decisions to the bank. He therefore does not have to constantly worry about the financial markets. Nevertheless, the client can use a dedicated app to keep an eye on the investment experts’ shoulders and to influence the focus of his portfolio. The bank uses systematic risk monitoring to ensure that the client’s investment strategy is adhered to at all times.

Our contribution

  • Elaboration of the product vision and definition of the product characteristics
  • Creation of user journeys and requirements specification
  • Product Owner of the smartphone app
  • Product Owner of the portfolio management system
  • Creation and execution of test cases regarding the app and the portfolio management system
  • Requirements engineering and testing of the necessary adaptations in the surrounding systems
  • Support in setting up the business operations team
  • Training of the front, as well as the support and control functions

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